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Badenoch blogs on beer

March 24, 2010

Chris Badenoch

The man who made beeramisu a household name as a top-three finalist on Masterchef Australia is back with his own blog celebrating all things beer in food.

Chris Badenoch, who arguably did more to increase awareness of beer as a serious ingredient in cooking while a contestant in what was one of Australia’s highest-rating television shows, has launched a blog dedicated to the same theme of cooking, eating and drinking it all.

Since finishing on Masterchef, Chris has left the beer appreciation and delivery service that he helped to found, BeerMasons, to concentrate on the opportunities that Masterchef has afforded, including writing for magazines such as Alpha. He also has a book, combining beer with his nose-to-tail philosophy of cooking, in the works and due out by Fathers Day.

Australian Brews News is a big fan of Badenoch’s approach to beer and food. His blog confirms his thoughtful approach, urging readers to “reject the processed, pre-packaged foodstuffs and start looking at food from a fresh perspective. Create your own version of what food is to you.”  The recipes on his blog look superb. His latest, goat in Goat with goat, combines a leg of goat braised in Mountain Goat Hightail Ale and served with goat’s cheese. It looks superb.

Other recipes includes Chris’ recipe and rules for the perfect beer batter, reproduced here.

We definitely recommend that you check out the blog and try the recipes.

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