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Cascade reveals new look in new campaign

November 1, 2010

From a media release

Cascade Brewery has today launched a new campaign as well as released the new-look packaging for its Cascade craft and premium range of beers. The new livery includes new labels and logo and reflects the brewery’s history and the distinction of being Australia’s oldest operating brewery.

The new national campaign will be the first for the brewery from creative agency Droga5 since they commenced working with the brand in September 2009. Droga5 are best known for the recent VB campaigns, including The Regulars and Real Men, which is currently running.  The new Cascade campaign aims to tell the story of Cascade Brewery as one that is steeped in history, craftsmanship and tradition.

CUB marketing director, Peter Sinclair said of the new campaign, “With this campaign we wanted to go back to our roots and really highlight the experience, tradition and craftsmanship behind the Cascade brews. The passion that our brewers have for what they do is what sets Cascade apart and the Tasmanian heritage of the brand is one of our greatest assets.”

Droga5 has also created a new Cascade Brewery web site which will have a series of ‘dials’ on the navigation pane allowing users to ‘brew their own site’ by dialing up the features that most interest them. Features on the web site will include details on the Cascade range of products, home brewing tips, brewer biographies, information on Cascade Brewery tours and recommended beer and food matches.

New packaging for the Cascade craft and premium range, which will start to roll-out from today, is consistent with the advertising campaign and will feature an art deco look that highlights the Cascade Brewery itself and its tradition. The change aims to remind consumers about the rich history of the brand which dates back to 1824 when it was founded by Peter Degraves.

Along with the new packaging will be a new name for Cascade Green which will now be known as Cascade Pure, an odd move given Cascade’s Tasmanian brewing rival Boag’s already uses the ‘Pure’ name. The brewery’s media release says the change is, “to reflect not only the environmental credentials of the 100 per cent carbon neutral beer and its great taste, neither of which will change, but also the quality of the local Tasmanian ingredients used in the brew with nothing artificial added.”

Disclaimer: Australian Brews News editor, Matt Kirkegaard, was engaged by Droga5 to assist with the development of some style guides and notes as part of an associated iPhone application.


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