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Little Creatures single batch Marzen

March 17, 2011

Details are starting to emerge about Little Creatures’ next single batch beer release, with a Marzen slated for release some time in April.

The Marzen, or March beer, is a style steeped in history and is regarded as the ‘authentic’ Oktoberfest style. The beer was traditionally brewed in March and these stronger, malty beers were stored in cool caves over the hot summer months when controlling the quality of brewing was difficult. The stored beers were consumed over summer with the remaining March beers finished off when brewing could again commence in Autumn. A festival grew up around the consumption of the March beers evolving over time into what we now know as Oktoberfest.

The additional significance that is often attributed to these beers is that brewers learned that a combination of higher alcohol and cool storage meant the beer kept well and developed a cleaner character. While they weren’t consciously doing it, this cool storage – or lagering – of the beer was favouring cold fermenting lager yeasts.

The Little Creatures version of the style won’t be lagered over six months, but a still respectable five weeks, and will be available in April. Made with  Pale, Vienna, Munich and Cara malts and Czech Saaz, NZ Pacifica and US Willamette hops.

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