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Revealing the Critics’ Choice: #9

March 23, 2011

Bridge Road Brewers Chevalier Saison

Bridge Road Brewers have been knocking out fine beers since 2005 and it’s no surprise to see one of Ben Kraus’ brews featuring in the top ten. As well as producing some great ‘entry level’ craft beers to entice the novice, also looks after the seasoned veterans with beers like the Chevalier Saison.

While there might be some conjecture over who exactly introduced the saison style to the Australian beer landscape, there is no doubting that this particular offering is special. Certainly it is special enough to secure the number 9 spot on the Top 100 in the eyes of the experts.

It’s light straw colour and enticing bubble made the average drinker sit up and take notice. And, what was that aroma? The yeast, you say?! Yeast was an element of good beer that had, until recently, played the role of worker bee, busily creating the chemistry in the background without announcing itself.

Farmhouse style ales have since become more prominent with several brewers producing this light, refreshing ale with the distinctive tart dry finish.

“Bridge Road Brewers Saison is perfect for when you’ve finished the harvest …this is the thinking man’s lawnmower beer”, says Critics’ Choice contributor and Australian Brews News Editor Matt Kirkegaard.

And that is a sentiment that is very difficult to argue against.

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