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Little Creatures: Day of the Long Shadow

June 15, 2012

It’s purely personal, but I look at Little Creatures Brewing Company and see it as the very model of the modern craft brewery, managing to grow and service an expanding national distribution while managing its ‘brand’ and still  keeping  its product integrity and quality (And to those who say ‘they’ve dumbed it down’, I ask: “has the beer changed that much or have your palates?”) They have a core range that reaches across a wide range of commercially attractive craft styles, while managing to pull out a regular line of interesting single batches.

Like this one.

Seek it out.

The alcohol is a little hot, but it is carried by a spicy and complex and interesting beer.

Sip it and savour, though you might want to share the pint with a friend. [MK]

Media Release

Day of the Long Shadow Spiced Winter Ale


As the sun of the winter solstice casts a long shadow across the cold land, our flavour craving palates start drifting to the thought of winter warmers and the great tradition of European spiced ales.

Christmas hints of allspice, cinnamon and nutmeg play with a yeast primed with dark muscovado sugar delivering ripe fruit, molasses and delicate spice. UK Sovereign and Challenger hops hops provide a gentle, lasting bitterness that carefully balance this deep red ale rich in flavour and complexity. Best savoured long into a cold winter night sipped slowly while solving those elusive problems of the world…chesterfield and fireplace optional.

IBU 40
EBC 60
Alc/Vol 8.9%
Serving temperature 8°- 12C

Distributed nationally from 25th June 2012. Limited release in in 301t / 50It kegs & cartons of 12 x 568ml Pint Bottles


1. Style: Spiced Winter Ale.

2. ABV: 8.9%

3. Malt Bill: Pale Ale Malt, Abbey Malt, Medium Crystal, Dingemans Special B (Belgian Crystal Matt), Light Chocolate Malt and Belgian Candi Syrup D2. Conditioned (primed) with Dark Muscovado sugar (AKA Barbados Sugar)

4. Spices: Allspice, Nutmeg and Cinnamon

5. Hops: UK Challenger and UK Sovereign

6. IBUs: 401BU

7. Colour: 60EBC

8. Ferment: As per our standard Ale profile

9. Filtered: Filtered bright

10. Bottle conditioned: No

11. Pasteurised? Certainly not.

12. Anything else about the beer?

A Winter Warmer Ale that is an absolute celebration of Spice…..Allspice, Nutmeg, Cinnamon and Dark Muscovado combined with our Ale yeast give this beer a distinct Christmas flavour, all wrapped up with a careful balance of ripe fruit and molasses.

13. The beer – in a nutshell: With a deep red colour and a spicy and fruity aroma, the Day of the Long Shadow is a rich velvety full flavoured Christmas Ale with a distinct spiced palate. Best enjoyed between 8° -12° to bring out the aromatics, this is a strong ale full of complexity and best savoured during long winter nights. This beer will continue to develop for a long time to come.

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One Response to Little Creatures: Day of the Long Shadow

  1. David Mullahet on July 1, 2012 at 8:49 pm

    Another top beer. Mate was down brewery in Freo last week and grabbed me a bottle, as they say , sat in front of fire sipping this is the go. Apart from the Freo brewery where are LC serving this in town and is it in the bottle shops? Worth buying a few cases. Any tips on brewing this. My bar at home would be all the better for something similar to this, normally brew in 20-25 l batches. On another note the pint bottles of the Pale Ale are excellent in bars in town that don’t have it on draught namely the Sentinal on St. George’s Terrace , we keep drinking it all. Anyway this release is a really fully flavored drop.

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