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4 Pines Imperial India Brown Ale

July 30, 2014

Media Release

4 Pines Imperial India Brown Ale

During winter when the American Hinterland goes quiet, the team at 4 Pines also like to hibernate. As they lay provocatively on their giant bear skin rug, roasting chestnuts over an open fire, they find nothing warms the cockles quite so much as an Imperial India Brown Ale.

They’re not kidding, not unlike the giant bear in its previous (more animated) life, this beer at 8.0% ABV will literally rip your face off. Not in a painful way, more in a gentle, pry the lid off your cranium and pour smiles onto your brain kind of way.

Rest assured this malty Ale has hop driven assuredness, lustful notes of walnut & pistachio & a finish so smooth it should be a Morgan Freeman monologue.

Dust off your Al Green records and enjoy.



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