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ANHC: Tickets are now on sale

July 1, 2014


Tickets please!

We really can’t believe it here at ANHC HQ. After months of planning, drinking, toing, and don’t forget the froing, we’re now ready to open up and invite you all to become part of ANHC Four. Tickets are now on sale!

With little more than one hundred days until ANHC Four, the time has come. Step right up folks, tickets are officially on sale! Move quickly to secure your ticket at special early bird rates.

For the keenest among you, we have the Full Package ticket, which gives you access to both days of the conference, the delicious Gala Awards and Food & Beer Pairing dinner, and the notorious Club Night! If you buy your Full Package ticket during the early bird period, you’ll get an entry in the exclusive full package door prize draw, where you could win a 7 Gallon stainless steel Chronical fermenter, courtesy of our sponsor New Era Brewing – $500 value!

We also have Conference Only, Gala Awards and Pairing Dinner, and Club Night tickets available as single items. In any case, ensure you pre-order your conference t-shirt and commemorative glass, as well as expressing your interest in the Magical Mystery Tour.

Note: When purchasing your ticket, you’ll have the opportunity to provide extra information such as a lanyard photo, club information and dietary requirements. Please take the time to provide these details upfront – it will make our jobs so much easier as we look to bring you the best ANHC yet!

Once you’ve got your tickets sorted, don’t forget to find yourself a bed, barstool, or gutter on which to collapse. We recommend the bed option, and you can find some great beds here. Why not come up a day early and volunteer to judge or steward at the AABC on Thursday 16 October?

Speakers gotta speak

If the current raft of speakers hasn’t capsized your excitement boat, spilling your brew crew all over the rocky depths of your bathtub floor, then watch out for the speaker storm heading your way today.

Peter Symons and Chris WhiteReturning in 2014, we have Dr. Chris White from White Labs.

What Jane Goodall did for primates, Chris has done for yeast – cataloguing, nurturing, and promoting our fabulous microscopic monkeys around the world.

Also back for ANHC Four is Tina Panoutsos, Sensory Manager at Carlton United Breweries. Tina’s sensory training was one of the most popular sessions from ANHC Three, giving brewers the opportunity to expose their esters, distinguish their diacetyl, see their sulphur, and acknowledge their acetaldehyde.

Whether you’re a new brewer or an experienced judge, this is a session not to miss!

Let’s not forget what the conference is all about: homebrewers. Well known Sydney homebrewer and beer judge, Peter Symons joins the conference lineup with his talk on the dark history of Australian Stout.

Video preview image of St McKinlay's talk at ANHC3Get inspired by Stu McKinlay

Once again, we’re opening the ANHC Three vaults. Stu Mckinlay’s inspirational “The future is in the hands of homebrewers” was one of the most compelling talks of the last conference.

If you need a reminder of why you love homebrewing and why you need to be at ANHC Four, look no further.


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