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Be the first to experience Nomad Beers

July 25, 2014

Media Release

Be the first to experience Nomad Beers

The wait is over, the Nomad Brewing Company’s first beer hits the taps in the coming week. Brewed on Sydney’s Northern Beaches under the guidance of one of the worlds top brewers and a true nomad, Nomad Brewing Company delivers three great styles, all unique and all super tasty.


Sideways Pale Ale

Sideways Pale AleColour – Gold
International bittering units- 30-32
This is one punchy big flavoured beer. Intensely hopped pale ale, bursting with the scents of Aussie and American hops. Drinking like a beer at twice its alcohol by volume.

Your new go to beer is now available.

Long Trip Saison

SaisonColour – Golden with coppery reflections
International bittering units – 30-32

A combination of pale and wheat malts, with the addition into the mash of a special variety of coffee beans from a local specialist roaster. European and American hops then get combined with some fantastic unique Australian ingredients, like wattle seeds added at the end of the boil. Our aim is to create a dry, clean and very sessionable Saison, with hints of coffee, citrus and spice.

JetLag IPA

JetlagColour – Rich Amber
International bittering units – 55

Brewed with a combination of pale malt and ale malt from one of the worlds best malteries, with the addition of caramel malts and tonnes (and we mean tonnes) of hops! A combination of American and Aussie hops making up the blend. With a few secret Aussie ingredients to finish off, including dried finger lime peel for a fantastic citrusy zing.  Expect great balance between malts, hops and spices. Our first Hop Bomb!

For NSW you can order directly with our sales team or via t[email protected]

Linda Taubman – [email protected] – 0421 839 949
Will Herborn – [email protected] – 0405 919 691
For interstate customers beers will be available via Experienceit Beverages – [email protected]

First release kegs only, with bottles from late August

Nomad Brewing Company also has two more beers in development so stay tuned in to their Facebook and Twitter for more details.

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  1. Mitch on July 25, 2014 at 4:01 pm

    What about beers on site?

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