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New online home brewing supplier

July 11, 2014

logo of Barleyman.com.au

BARLEYMAN.com.au is opening its metaphorical doors this Friday, 11 July 2014, as suppliers of the finest all-grain home brewing ingredients treated right.

With the increasing popularity of craft beer and cool small breweries opening around the country, home brewing is having a huge revival in popularity. BARLEYMAN only stocks the freshest hops and malt, with healthy cold-shipped yeast, so the thirsty masses can make the absolute best beer at home.

BARLEYMAN.com.au is a web based business that caters to customers all across Australia from its Sydney based warehouse.

BARLEYMAN is Nick Race, a keen home brewer for more than 5 years. Over those years Nick had noticed that though he could get the ingredients he wanted with some effort, there was definitely room for improvement.

The ethos of the business is to provide great quality products and a fast efficient service, to be the home brewing supplier that we would all like to buy from.

Visit www.barleyman.com.au

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