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RBN…We give a XXXX about branding

July 14, 2014
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Welcome to Radio Brews News.

This is a slightly shorter podcast with one interview, this time with Jack Mesley, Marketing Manager with XXXX.

While for many breweries changing their label may not have huge repercussions, when you have a beer that makes some claims to be Australia’s biggest beer…at least in terms of volume sales, the move can be fraught. XXXX last week announced it was rebranding and, being fascinated by beer marketing, I wanted to find out about what’s involved and the considerations for a brand as big as XXXX.

As you’ll see, with beer being a conversation interviews don’t run to a script and so we ended up talking very widely about the XXXX brand, including whether the beer in the bottle is the same today as it was when Wilhelm Leitner created it 90 years ago. It should be stressed that while there was discussion about how the beer has evolved over the last few decades, XXXX is adamant that only the labels have changed under the current refresh.

You can find and download a PDF of the transcript here. More information about the brand refresh can be seen in the media release below.

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Media Release

Past meets present as new-look XXXX hits market

4X Bitter 375mL Stubby _smallBrisbane, Queensland – Beer deliveries are being overhauled at the XXXX brewery today, with some of Brisbane’s most iconic pubs receiving their deliveries the old fashioned way – by horse and cart and the original, XXXX delivery truck.

These special deliveries mark the start of the next chapter in the XXXX story, with a new look for the entire family of XXXX beers.

XXXX Regional Director, Damien Mori said: “Since 1878, XXXX has proudly been a part of the fabric of Australia and much like the iconic XXXX Brewery, the brand has grown and evolved.”

“It was time for a change. Our drinkers wanted it and it was an important step for us to ensure we continued toremain relevant for the next 135 years.

“The new XXXX identity really dials up what XXXX is all about; beers that are perfect for the great Aussie lifestyle, but also respects the 135 year heritage of XXXX. We asked for feedback from our drinkers as we worked up the designs and what we received was overwhelmingly positive,” said Mori.

The new look evolves the iconic XXXX logo, but will also see changes to every can, bottle and carton across XXXX GOLD, XXXX SUMMER BRIGHT LAGER and XXXX BITTER.

Most importantly, whilst the packaging has undergone a major change, there is no change to the beer.

“Today is about acknowledging the extensive history of our iconic brand whilst also celebrating everything there is to love about XXXX. While the packaging and delivery method may have changed over the years, our beers taste exactly the same,” said Mori.

XXXX GOLD, first launched in 1991, remains the country’s leading beer and is driving the development of the midstrength category in Australia.

The oldest member of the family, XXXX BITTER will now recognise the man who created it – Wilhelm ‘Bill’ Leitner, who first brewed XXXX Bitter back in 1924. Ninety years on, the beer stays true to Bill’s recipe and as a special tribute, his signature will appear on every carton.

“Bill is the man that brought the lager style of beer to Queensland, changing the face of the beer market in this great state. It’s only fitting that as we celebrate 90 years of XXXX Bitter, we recognise the very man who created it,” said Mori.

Special guests on hand to officially send off the first delivery included the great grandchildren of Bill; Jamie, Mark and Michael Leitner.

To coincide with the new packaging, the XXXX Brewery’s Packaging Museum has been significantly upgraded, proudly showcasing new items from the brewery’s 135 year old history and new branding will be introduced right across the country encompassing everything from pub awnings to football jerseys.

The unveiling of XXXX’s new look will be supported by new creative campaigns for XXXX GOLD and SUMMER BRIGHT in the coming months as well as digital, PR and promotional activity and ongoing trips to XXXX Island.


About XXXX

XXXX has been proudly brewing Australia’s favourite beers for more than 135 years. Over this time, countless beers have left the Milton brewery to be enjoyed by beer drinkers right across Australia. The country’s leading beer, XXXX GOLD was first launched in 1991. For more than two decades it has been a supporter of both events and communities across Australia. In 2011, XXXX unveiled XXXX Island – the ultimate destination for mates’ trips away.

This year marks the 90thbirthday of XXXX Bitter, first brewed by William ‘Bill’ Leitner back in 1924. The youngest member of the family, XXXX Summer Bright Lager was launched in 2011.


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