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ANCH early bird ends soon

August 27, 2014

Event banner for ANHC October 2014 in Canberra

Winter is leaving, Spring is coming, and so is the fourth Australian National Homebrewing Conference. Here is your friendly regular reminder from the ANHC team to grab your tickets and prepare your palates for the big event.

Early Bird ends soon

Our early bird prices will run out at midnight 31 August, so buy before Sunday if you want to make use of the huge discount we’ve been offering over the last two months. If that isn’t enough incentive, we are just about to reach our ticketing cap – there are less than 40 spots available for the conference, so get in quick.

Beer, beer and more beer

At ANHC HQ, we’ve managed to get a sneak preview of your goodie-bag beer. CUB have crafted us a wonderful Bourbon Barrel aged Barley Wine. It is big, bold and delicious and we think you are going to love it. The Bentspoke edition of our conference beer is top-secret and will be hitting the mash tun in just a few more days – super fresh and super tasty – just how we like it. If that isn’t enough, we’re more than just a little bit excited about Vinnie bringing some Russian River Brewing Co beer – so exclusive that it is near on impossible to get outside of Northern California. It is on the boat as we speak and ANHC four will be the only place you can get a taste of hops, funk and sour from Russian River.

Prizes Galore

Speidel, in conjunction with Grain & Grape, have come to the prize-giving party again. We are excited to announce that a 20 litre Braumeister will be up for grabs for one lucky ticket holder. Get in an buy your tickets before they run out.

And while you are waiting for the draw, check out the latest release from ANHC 2012: Bryce van Denderen – Farmhouse to Abbey – Comparing Belgian Yeast Strains.

For more information, visit the ANHC Four website.

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