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The CBIA welcomes the NSW Government’s decision to support craft beer

August 7, 2014

Media Release

The CBIA welcomes the NSW Government’s decision to support craft beer

CBIA_CMYK_PRINT_Black_SmallThe Craft Beer Industry Association, the national body representing Australia’s craft brewers, has today welcomed the New South Wales government’s decision to implement the recommendations from the Foggo review of the New South Wales Liquor Act 2007.

The Minister for Hospitality, Gaming and Racing, Mr Troy Grant, has announced that the Government would implement the two recommendations most important to the craft beer industry within 6 months.

These changes will mean that brewers will now have the same rights under their producer/wholesaler licences as wine makers.

Once the changes are implemented brewers will be able to operate a bar or restaurant by applying for an extension to their current licence known as a “drink on premises authorisation” rather than applying for a restaurant or small bar licence at further cost and effort.

They will also be allowed to sell their product at producers’ markets.

These important changes to the Act have the potential to greatly benefit the more than sixty craft brewers that are based in New South Wales and their hundreds of employees.

Chair of the Craft Beer Industry Association Dave Bonighton welcomed the news.

“It has been a nervous wait since the recommendations were handed down last December so we are relieved that the Minister has decided to support our industry,” said Bonighton.

“We had actively campaigned for these changes.”

“The craft beer industry is a good news story on so many fronts. We are a manufacturing industry that is growing. We provide jobs in regional and rural areas. We are a positive influence in the social fabric of our communities,” said Bonighton.

“This decision will allow current members of our industry to find further avenues to market for their products and it will open up new opportunities for others to join the industry.”

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2 Responses to The CBIA welcomes the NSW Government’s decision to support craft beer

  1. Philip Withers on August 7, 2014 at 9:39 pm

    Hey..isn’t their an election in Victoria soon? You guys change the policy in Vic, we might join up the CBIA. But in Nsw, l,think the CBIA didn’t influence the outcome. This was very much driven by the right wing arm of the Greens NSW and Real Craft Brewers Association. Victoria will decide who is the big influencer and supporter of manufacturing. Until we get a NSW outcome, we can never have a paid tap room due to local radical left members of the Greens that are financed by Communist and Socialist Parties in Brunswick holding back our liquor license. We then can’t open to the public. Nor can we then employ hospitality people or grow craft beer. We are repeatedly told by local socialist members we should leave the area because the Left don’t support private business let alone private land ownership. It’s extreme behaviour from specific individuals that have lived off welfare in the area since the 1970’s. More than happy to supply blogs of these individuals that live to protest anything and everything that is not public financed. So , if the CBIA can influence the next Vic government and change the policy, l ‘ll forever be grateful.

  2. Philip Withers on August 7, 2014 at 9:03 pm

    Great for Nsw. How about Victoria?

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