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Mash Collective releases Heart Breaker

September 23, 2014

Media Release

Mash Collective releases Heart Breaker


Stone & Wood’s Mash Collective is releasing its fourth creative collaboration brew. The Mash Collective is a revolving group of creative spirits invited to collaborate on a beer.

This time Muso Darren Middleton, designer Damian Kelly and Indigenous Chef Clayton Donovan have gone through each each step involved in creating a new beer, everything from the ‘beer storming’, to the brewing, to coming up with the name and design and finally the packaging.

When deliberating over what to call it, the guys went back and forth, drinking beer after beer and the thing that became apparent was despite their different backgrounds, they all shared a love for beer, for rock music, for the land and Australia. They wanted to convey this connection whilst drawing reference on the fact that this beer is a limited release, a special batch, a one off that was made by them. It won’t be around forever but that wouldn’t stop them or you from falling in love with it…

And so Heartbreaker was born – a rich amber ale that will steal your heart. Hopped with Ella, Sorachi Ace, Centennial and Mosaic, The Collective added quangdongs (native bush peach) to the fermenter and sous vide pepperberry to the bright beer tank to give this beer something a little different that tingles the tongue leaves you wanting more.

You start seeing Heartbreaker hit shelves and go on tap soon in these venues and retail outlets.

Tasting notes

Inspired by the earthy hues of amber ale and the native bush food growing in abundance along the East Coast, the collective have created a rich red ale, spiced with local quandong and pepperberry.

Dreamed up and brewed by a designer, a musician and an Indigenous chef, Heartbreaker is like a song, an appetizer and an intriguing piece of art drawing you in and playing with your senses…

Hopped with Ella, Sorachi Ace, Centennial and Mosaic, Heartbreaker has aromatic notes of lemon myrtle and the sweetness of bush peach from the puree of sous vide quandongs added to the fermenter, along with hints of pepperberry tingling the tongue from their addition in the bright beer tank, followed by subtle bitterness and a dry finish.

You’ll want to leave your other beers for this one, but inevitably, this limited release will end up leaving you…

5.5% Alc/Vol.   Available in kegs and in 500ml bottles


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