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New Cherie Kriek Sour from La Sirene

October 15, 2014

Cherie Kriek 2014 Sour

Media Release

La Sirene Cherie Kriek decalIt is with great pleasure that La Sirene releases its first sour – Cherie Kriek 2014.

Cherie Kriek 2014 (ABV 3.6%) – is Australia’s first true Kriek made in the traditional Belgian way using aged beer matured in premium hand-select French Oak carefully blended with fresh kriek beer and sour cherries.

Natural bacteria and wild yeasts were used to provide for a more interesting & complex Kriek experience. Aroma of wild yeast & red cherries dominate this beer and flavour-wise the cherry and sour notes really shine all supported with a low alcohol (3.6%) and a dry tart finish.

Cherie Kriek 2014 is the first core–range sour released by La Sirene Brewing under our Coolship Program where we incorporate barrels and wild fermentations into beer production to highlight the wonderful flavours that can result in using these traditional Belgian brewing techniques.

This annual release although limited in 2014 will be doubled in 2015 and will be joined with 2 other sours also destined for annual releases.

Available at the following venues: Terminus, Royston, Foresters, Carwyn Cellars, The Local Taphouse.

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One Response to New Cherie Kriek Sour from La Sirene

  1. Jay on October 15, 2014 at 7:38 pm

    Great to see some more sours coming out of Australia,

    Im not sure, but hasn’t the Two Metre Tall guys been doing krieks for a few years now? http://www.ratebeer.com/beer/two-metre-tall-barrel-aged-sour-cherry-ale/211804/

    But still nice to see more on the scene

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