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Beerkary Bakery at Small Batch Brisbane

November 4, 2014

Beerkary is a pop-up bakery, which comes from a simple desire to combine our two favourite things – beer and baked goods. Each of our menus are inspired by the specific flavours profiles of matching beers and often use the same hops and malts.

Logo of Small Batch BrisbaneOn the 9th of November, Beerkary Bakery will be part of Wandering Cooks’ “Small Batch Brisbane”.

This event includes industry talks and laneway party featuring pop-up bars, food vendors and live music. It celebrates local food production and enterprise in Brisbane and supports more than 35 small food businesses, as part of the wider G20 Cultural Celebrations.

From 6-7pm, Beerkary (chef Ben Devlin) will be part of an conversation panel talking about “Start Ups, Collaboration and Creativity”, and Beerkary’s market stall will be matching to the pop-up bars by Brewtal Brewers, The Scratch and Stone & Wood.

The menu of savoury and sweets, include

A Beerkary SmorrebrodBEER: Stone and Wood Jasper Ale

  • Chocolate, crystal malt fudge cookie sandwich with caramelised white chocolate
  • Smørrebrod open sandwich #1 – Red ale & rye bread with corned lamb tongue & sauerkraut

BEER: Brewtal’s Brisbane River Brown

  • Salted caramel & malt flødeboller. (meringue and cookie)
  • Smørrebrod open sandwich #2 – Wholemeal spelt & ale bread with grilled onion & aged cheddar

BEER: Brewtal’s Sourdough Ale

  • Sourdough doughnut, spiced custard honey & grain glaze
  • Smørrebrod open sandwich #3 – Sprouted grain and honey sourdough with honey glazed pork jowl, apple and mustard seeds

BEER: Stone and Wood Pacific Ale

  • Smørrebrod open sandwich #4 – Wholemeal spelt & ale bread, IPA cured trout, smoked potato salad & pickles.

We hope to see you there!

Small Batch Brisbane
Wandering Cooks, 1 Fish Lane, West End
6pm- 10pm
Pastries and sandwiches range from $5– $7

FOR MORE INFORMATION visit the Wandering Cook’s website or Beerkary Facebook page.

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