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James Squire releases new seasonal ale

November 21, 2014

Media Release

James Squire’s Close Shave

Limited release Close Shave Summer Ale now available

Close Shave DecalNovember 2014 – James Squire Brewhouses around Australia are pouring something a little different this month, offering beer lovers a unique and flavoursome new summer ale, aptly named Close Shave.

Created by the talented team of brewers at the Malt Shovel Brewery, James Squire Close Shave Summer Ale is a crisp, refreshing brew that showcases the distinctive and elusive El Dorado hop, secured for the brew in the nick of time.

“We managed to secure some El Dorado hops a few days before picking the brew for this limited release. It was definitely a close call with our deadline, but we couldn’t say no to the opportunity to brew a beer made from this rare variety of hops,” said Malt Shovel Head Brewer, Chris Sheehan.

At 4.9% ABV, Close Shave Summer Ale is a golden straw colour with a white, billowy head. The El-Dorado hop is dual-purpose, and has been used both throughout the brewing process, as well as added after the wort has been cooled for maximum aroma – a process known as ‘dry-hopping’.

“With summer on its way, Close Shave Summer Ale is a very refreshing beer for a summer’s day. The best part is that it keeps your taste buds alive and you can still enjoy the delicious meals and fantastic hospitality that the Brewhouses offer,” said Sheehan.

The name Close Shave Summer Ale is also dual in nature, reflecting both the time challenge for our brewers to get the brew out on time, as well as James Squire’s ‘life full of flavour’, where his real-life adventures saw many close calls avoided with his roguish ways.

James Squire Close Shave Summer Ale is now available on tap for a limited time, exclusively at the James Squire Brewhouses, including:

  • The Squire’s Maiden, Newcastle
  • The Charming Squire, Brisbane
  • The Generous Squire, Perth
  • The Curious Squire, Adelaide
  • The Portland Hotel, Melbourne


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