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Meet Wolf of the Willows

November 18, 2014

New, family-owned craft beer hits the market, meet Wolf of the Willows

Media Release

The Australian craft beer market is welcoming a new brand to the fold from Melbourne, going by the name Wolf of the Willows. Driven by a husband and wife duo with a huge passion for creating quality, hand crafted ‘Ales of Distinction’, Wolf of the Willows is already lining up tap and fridge space in some of Melbourne’s finest craft beer establishments; The Local Taphouse, Cookie Beer Hall, Slow Beer and Carwyn Cellars to name a few.

Scott and Renae McKinnon have created Wolf of the Willows Brewing.

Scott and Renae McKinnon have created Wolf of the Willows Brewing.

Wolf of the Willows will produce ‘Ales of Distinction’; beers that make people pause for a moment. The ales are designed to play within style guidelines, yet stray a little from the norm. To achieve this, the brewer selected quality raw ingredients, some of which he personally grows and produces. This passion comes from a deep love of cooking with and matching food with beer. The goal is to show people that craft beer is a hugely diverse product that can complement and enhance a plethora of dishes.

Wolf of the Willows will first launch with an XPA, otherwise known as an Extra Pale Ale. This west coast American style ale is extra pale in colour with extra hop aroma and flavour. Passionfruit, citrus and tropical fruits are supported by a subtle, biscuity malt and a soft, round bitterness. Easy drinking yet satisfying for the hop lover.

With the aim of producing flavour driven modern ales, it only seemed fitting to name their brand after the humble hop. Paying homage to great beers born before them, the Wolf of the Willows name comes from a story about a Roman naturalist who first identified the hop vine. The hop was described as wild and untamed, twining and choking the willows, taking them down like a wolf to the flock. They were named Lupus Salictarius, Latin for Wolf of the Willows.

Wolf of the Willows comprises Scott and Renae McKinnon. Scott’s love of brewing started when helping his Dad make homemade ginger beer on the family property in rural Victoria. A few years as a ski bum in Colorado introduced Scott to the incredible world of American craft brewing. To follow, many years of perfecting beer recipes, growing hops on the family farm and of course, plenty of ‘market research’.

Renae is the sales and marketing engine. She started out as most 20 something’s do, working the late night shifts in a number of reputable restaurants and bars in both Melbourne and London. This was followed by events management and wine marketing for a highly regarded Australian wine distribution company. Lover of all things craft beer, helping to create their start-up business only seems like the most natural progression.

Wolf of the Willows has the honour of being able to brew their first release XPA at Cavalier Brewing. Their plan is to release two more ales to the core range, with the aim of their very own stainless in the not so distant future.

For more information, visit the Wolf of the Willows website and social media.


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