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The Melbourne ‘Craft Beer’ Cup

November 4, 2014


For those of you who might stop for three minutes this afternoon as the Melbourne Cup is run and for those looking to make any sort of donation to the TAB, here are the ‘Craft Beer’-related picks for your responsible enjoyment of gambling.

Will craft beer serve as a pointer to making you rich? Is this thing we love so dearly a true omen to success and fame and fortune? Or, like me, do you have to make a few selections for your syndicate but don’t know which end of a horse is supposed to cross the finish line first. Load up, whack a fiver on each and we’ll see how we go.

Race 1. Emirates Airline Plate

After the inaugural Australian Craft Beer Awards last week I can’t go past number 7, Results from number 3 Miss Idyllic.

Race 2. Tab.com.au Trophy

Having recently spent a few days (and more than a few beers) with one of my favourite brewers I’m inspired to go with number 13, Entertains or, to continue the debate about craft definitions, plonk it all on number 4, Are There Any.

Race 3. Visit Victoria Plate

As a nod to the well-loved intro music used on Australia’s finest beer-related Podcast series, Radio Brews News (remember that!?) you’d have to go with number 17, Polka Face. But it’s been scratched.

Race 4. Lavazza Short Black Cup

Why isn’t there a Black IPA Cup? Or a Barrel-aged Imperial Stout Cup? With so much competition from other drinks, craft beer needs to put a small wad on number 11, Ripple Effect. Number 18 is the emergency, Tips and Beers. They always go together.

Race 7. Emirates Melbourne Cup.

If you are still among those who think our law-makers and associated movers and shakers will one day remove the WET (tax) from wine to give beer a sporting chance, you might lean towards number 5, Protectionist or the number 13, Willing Foe or 11, Mutual Regard. Otherwise, make you point in the same way that so many bloggers and beer nerds do – put the lot on number 20 – Opinion.

Race 8. James Boag’s Premium Stakes.

Do we want to go there?

Hope that gives you a well-crafted guide to making your fortune on the nags today. If not, have a few nice beers, enjoy the day and, like beer itself, don’t take it too seriously.

Cheers and giddy-up!

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