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How many brewers does it take to make a beer?

December 3, 2014

Logo of Ballarat Beer Fest 2015Collaborations between brewers are nothing new, in fact they are almost a staple of the brew calendar and are eagerly awaited by beer lovers all across the country. Some involve like-minded souls with similar brewing philosophies and others are simply craftsmen and women who enjoy each other’s company and happen to be in the same brewery at the same time.

For next year’s Ballarat Beer Festival a group of collaborators are gearing up to brew what is believed to be the world’s biggest collaborative beer. Fifteen brewers will gather next week to craft a Hoppy Summer Wheat beer to be launched at the festival in January.

Brews News readers have the chance to win a trackside seat at the brew day as well as 4 tickets to the festival. Put your thinking caps on and come with a suitable name for the beer and the prize could be yours. [PM]Comp tile

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Yep that’s right, we are involved in a collaboration beer with 15 breweries and we want you awesome people to come up with the name for it!

The winner gets to attend the brew day being held on Sunday 14th December at Cavalier Brewery with 3 friends and receives 4 free tickets to the upcoming Ballarat Beer Festival, where it will be launched in the ‘Brewers Big Backyard’ tent. It will be a hoppy summer wheat beer, so get your thinking caps on and start posting your names in the comments section of the Facebook page below.

IMPORTANT: Please use hashtag #15brewerybeer for all name entries. You can enter as many names as you like. WINNER WILL BE ANNOUNCED Next MONDAY, December 8.

To help you envisage the perfect name, here is a list of the brewers involved in this massive feat of brewing.

Cavalier Brewing, 2 Birds, Killer Sprocket, Brewcult, Mountain Goat, Young Henry’s, Riverside Brewing, Kaiju, 3 Ravens, 7 Cent, Wayward Brewing, Prickly Moses, Exit Brewing, Wolf of the Willows and Kettle Green.

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