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“Try-it Thursday” Jan 15, 2015

January 15, 2015

3 Sheets Pale Ale

Lord Nelson Brewery3 SHEETS
4.9% Australian Pale Ale

The rise is popularity of craft beer venues in the last decade has been steady and exciting which can sometimes mask the fact that there are a select few that have been around since God’s dog was a pup.

One of those (a ‘destination’ venue if you like) is the Lord Nelson in Sydney’s historic Rock’s tourist area. Boasting this country’s oldest continuous licence it provides a welcome haven for foot-weary travellers seeking something other than a dripping wet pint of mainstream lager. Warm and inviting, but also seriously ‘cool’ in the warmer months, the beers are available on tap and in bottle alongside a great offering of food and conviviality, mainly thanks to the venue’s iconic licensee, Blair Hayden.

And to the beer…

The Lord Nelson website;

The Crafty Pint says;

“The house favourite and one of only two Lord Nelson beers to be available in the bottle, this is an Australian pale ale, meaning you’ll find lifted floral and citrus notes and a balanced malty dry finish.”

Burger Me Adelaide (a great site for beer and burgers in SA) says;

“An ‘Australian Pale’ style beer, which means it’s a mid golden colour, with a bit of yeasty cloudiness. The aroma from the hops is somewhat citrus, with some stone fruit in there. The mouthfeel of this beer is superb though – velvety smooth, with the malt and hops working together like Jack and Jill heading off with a bucket in hand. Only without the breaking of bones and the like. Perhaps not the best metaphor ever employed, but I will run with it for now.”

Willie Simpson, back in 2012 wrote in the Sydney Morning Herald;

“Deep gold, bright. Aroma: clean with hints of stone fruit and delicate spice. Palate: juicy malt notes upfront, well-integrated hop bitterness with citrus undertones; finish well balanced between medium bitterness and clean malt characters. Overall: the flagship house ale is in fine form.”

Lord Nelson Three Sheets is also one of those select few that has found a spot in all four editions of The Critics’ Choice at 52, 69, 80 and 82.

The Beer Diva warned;

“The Three Sheets will help you while away a day by the harbour, with its subdued citrus hop character and honey-like malt tones. A quality easy drinker that may keep you in the pub longer than intended.”

Justin Joiner also raised a glass to the brewery’s location;

“This beer is one of the few that can stake a claim as an Australian style [pale ale]. Lightly hopped and a pale golden cloudy colour, it is made for quaffing whilst gazing out at the ships in the harbour.”

The Lord Nelson

The Crafty Pint

Willie Simpson in the SMH

Burger Me Adelaide

The Critics’ Choice




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