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4 Hearts Brewing – Pumpyard Brewery and Bar opens in Ipswich

March 11, 2015

pumpyard barFour years since the first keg of 4 Hearts Pale Ale was sold, 4 Heart’s dream of building a brewery in the Ipswich region has finally come to fruition. 4 Hearts Pumpyard Bar and Brewery is open as of 12pm Wednesday March 11.

The brewery is the first brewery to operate in Ipswich since 1903.

The brewery will feature a 1200L Brew-house with 1200L and 2400L Uni-tanks. Beer will be served direct from the tanks for the year round beers and a number of seasonal beers will be brewed on a regular basis.

The brewery and bar will be the foundation tenant for the redevelopment of a 4000m2 heritage listed site in Ipswich called 88 Limestone.

Featuring an onsite bar and kitchen, the brewery and bar is called the Pump-Yard, based on the history of the site being the first water source for the city in the mid 1800’s. The site was more recently a TAFE or Technical College and the heritage listed building was built in 1910.

The fit-out of the bar is industrial and cool, inspired by local and overseas brewpubs and craft beer bars like the one’s operated by Brewdog in the UK.

The brewery bar has a full hotel licence so other craft beers can be sold along with wine, spirits and cider. The bar will feature approximately 8 to 10 taps, 5 supplied direct from the brewery tanks.

2L Growlers of 4 Hearts beers will be available to allow customers to take the beers home.

“I think a lot of people thought when I started and said I would be opening a brewery in Ipswich that I would never make it happen….well I guess I did!”, said Wade Curtis, owner of 4 Hearts Brewing. “We want to build something that locals will love and that people will see as worth visiting from Brisbane and other surrounding areas. It will be all about good beer and a casual atmosphere. So far the support from the Ipswich and Craft Beer community has been incredible, I just hope everyone turns up now open!”

Ipswich is Queensland’s fastest growing city with a population of over 180,000, 2 million people live within 1 hour’s drive of the city.

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