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Malt cocktail in Stone Beer 2015

April 15, 2015

STONE_BEER_2014_smallStone Beer fans can expect a more biscuity flavour profile from this year’s vintage, Stone & Wood’s Brad Rogers has told Radio Brews News.

Rogers said the much anticipated winter release will eschew the typical base pale malts in favour of darker options across the board, including Vienna, Munich, Chocolate Wheat, Melanoidins, Caramunichs and Carafa.

“There’s about 10 or 11 different grains across this year’s Stone Beer, all in all it’s a fairly large cocktail of different grains in there,” he said.

“The underlying malt character will just be slightly different – it’ll probably be a little ‘bready’, or ‘biscuity’.

“We brewed it last Saturday and looking at it through the week, it’s definitely big, it’s definitely rich, it’s got a really nice, reddish maroon hue through it already – only five or six days old and it’s already looking great in the tank,” Rogers said.

Also on this week’s episode, Rogers explains the inspiration behind Stone & Wood’s recent Beers Of The Earth release, as well as providing an update on the brewery’s ongoing struggle to meet drinkers’ seemingly insatiable demand for Stone & Wood Pacific Ale.

Episode 48 of Radio Brews News is available here.


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