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Lion resigned to Corona loss

March 16, 2016

Carlton & United Breweries will reclaim its place as Australia’s number one brewer in the wake of Anheuser-Busch InBev’s takeover of SABMiller, acknowledges Lion Beer Wine & Spirits managing director James Brindley.

“We’re currently the largest brewer in Australia, but with ABI taking over SABMiller, I think that’s only for a few more months,” Brindley told the Institute of Brewers and Distillers 2016 Convention in Sydney on Tuesday.

“The crown of the largest brewer, or I can say in Spanish, the Corona of the largest brewer, is going to pass back to CUB,” he said.

The ACCC has proposed a date of April 14 to announce the findings from its investigation into the local impacts of the deal dubbed ‘Megabrew’.

Competition law expert John Kettle last year told Australian Brews News the transaction is just about guaranteed safe passage in this market.

The Institute of Brewers and Distillers 2016 Convention continues.

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