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Bonsai Brewhouse hits its stride

June 6, 2016
Matt Vanderveen of Bonsai Brewhouse

Matt Vanderveen of Bonsai Brewhouse

Former Sunshine Coast Brewery head brewer and long time local Matt Vanderveen is living his dream in what was once the first bakery in Pomona, near Noosa.

Vanderveen’s new venture Bonsai Brewhouse recently began operation, tucked away down an alley in a rustic shed turned taproom, surrounded by bonsai.

Within its first month of opening, Vanderveen had brewed 27 batches on Bonsai’s 60-litre Sabco Brew-Magic setup, with the resulting beers served from Cornelius kegs.

Vanderveen mostly chooses to brew to his imagination rather than to set styles, with beers named in honour of family members and local personalities. Bonsai’s ever-changing range includes a light ale and a pilsner, as well as heavier, more complex hop-driven ales. There is Sungazer, a 0.5 per cent ABV green tea, honey and ginger quencher, as well as a Passionfruit Berliner.

The Bonsai founder spent 16 years brewing all-grain before stepping up to running his own brewhouse, but he is modest about his ambitions.

“I’m not interested in world domination,” he told Australian Brews News. “I just want to make good beer for my community.”

Bonsai Brewhouse is open Thursday to Saturday at 18 Reserve St, Pomona.

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  1. Dan on June 7, 2016 at 6:42 pm

    My favourite new bar, too bad it’s a 40 min highway ride but worth the visit not just for the great beer but it’s become a very cool local community hub void of pub bogans. Great restaurant out front as well. *no, I don’t know the owner.

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