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Lord Nelson celebrates dual milestones

June 24, 2016

A total of 400 guests were at Sydney’s Lord Nelson Brewery Hotel on Thursday night to toast its 175th anniversary as a pub and 30 years of brewing.

In a rousing address, owner Blair Hayden paid tribute to the pub’s other shareholders, its customers and supporters, as well as his veteran barstaff, Cole Bailey and Martin Longhurst, who have been at the pub for the duration of Hayden’s 30-year tenure.

L-R: Cole Bailey, Blair Hayden and Martin Longhurst at the Lord Nelson's birthday bash

L-R: Cole Bailey, Blair Hayden and Martin Longhurst at the Lord Nelson’s birthday bash

“These two blokes were working here prior to me… It’s not always when you take over a business and try and rejuvenate it that you can retain the same staff,” Hayden said.

“But I can assure you that the loyalty and fun that I’ve had with these two gentlemen is insurmountable,” he said.

Hayden said the Lord Nelson’s 175th Anniversary Ale is called ‘Dead Ahead’, “because that’s the way our rudder is set”.

“We don’t believe in gaming machines, we believe in food, fine wines, and natural ale,” he declared.


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  1. Paul on June 29, 2016 at 8:40 am

    Praise the Lord! One of the original and one of the best brew pubs in the world! Been making great beer, great food, serving great wine and single malts for over 30 years. The ploughman’s is a ploughman’s and hasn’t changed since they first served it up over 30 years ago. In a tough environment they have stayed the course – Praise the Lord. I’ve been drinking there for 30 years and will be drinking there for as long as Blair is running it. Congrats Blair and the team!!

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