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Radio Brews News – Episode 121 – Randy Mosher & Ray Daniels

April 21, 2017

This week Australian Brews News Editor James Atkinson reports from the Craft Brewers Conference in the United States.

James caught up with beer heavyweights Randy Mosher and Ray Daniels.  Both Mosher and Daniels reflect on the state of beer and the industry, and weigh in on what we might expect in the near future from the craft beer industry.

Randy Mosher:

A master of brewing science, Randy Mosher applies his restless curiosity and creative energy toward the art of brewing. As a veteran and award-winning brewer, Randy knows the rules of brewing and when to break them.

He is the author of such works as The Brewers Companion, Tasting Beer and Beer For All Seasons, and is a frequent lecturer on beer across the world.

Ray Daniels:

Ray Daniels is the founder and director of the Cicerone Certification Program—the standard for beer sommeliers—and a member of the Senior Faculty of the Siebel Institute of Technology, America’s oldest brewing school. Ray has worked on more than two dozen books on beer and brewing, becoming a certified as a beer judge in 1992 and has since accumulated thousands of beers worth of judging experience.

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One Response to Radio Brews News – Episode 121 – Randy Mosher & Ray Daniels

  1. Nigel Ayling on May 12, 2017 at 10:46 am

    Hi Guys.

    Thanks for the plug about Brewer Direct and our new service. So glad you liked the beer and the service. We have been really happy with the early results and are keen to get the beer from all the great Australian breweries around the country in to the hands of Craft Beer lovers.

    Just in relation to your comments on pricing, I hear what you are saying about a 6 pack of craft delivered costing the same as a slab of macro beer, but we all know that is like comparing Apples and Potatoes (Definitely not Oranges).

    As we all know, Craft is going to be more expensive than Macro produced beer, but also the cost of individual beers over case prices are also a big factor. Even a humble case of Carlton Draught from Dan Murphys which sells for $50.99 per case online (12 May 2017) as an indivdual bottle price of $3.69 ($88.56 per case) or $18.99 per 6 pack ($75.96 per case).

    Perhaps if I make a closer comparison. I visited one of the website of one of the biggest online Craft Beer retailers in the country and selected 6 different styles of beers, the same styles as the ones we included in our last Brewer Direct pack. In each style I picked the first Australian Craft (Non Macro) Beer that came up and added it to the cart. The result was 6 Australian Craft Beers with 6 different styles at a cost of $38.50, which is pretty much what we are selling ours at for $39. They had a flat rate of $9.99 for shipping Australia wide which is a bit better than ours which is based on location, but that would be due the volume of freight they are sending.

    As someone who lives in regional Australia, with no access to good craft beer locally, I have to rely on buying most of my beer online I recently spent $75 on a 4 pack of Founders KBS and paid $20 freight but it was worth every cent.

    Maybe you guys are lucky enough to get samples sent to you and you don’t have to pay for your beer, but I think our prices are pretty competitive in the market place.

    Anyway like I said, thanks again for the plug. We hope to be able to deliver more great beers from emerging Australian breweries in the future.

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