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Avril Scherz

Avril Scherz is of French and German extraction and is Australian Brews News' seasonal intellectual property expert. In her spare time she writes fiction and drinks beer.

New brewery trademarks ‘Any Beer’

April 1, 2012

Please note: yes, this was an April Fool’s gag except Monteith’s really have trademarked Radler and an Australian brewery has indeed tried to register Australian Ale and Australian lager… A newly established brewery has courted controversy by trademarking the name ‘Any Beer’ and is seeking to prevent publicans from serving other beers when patrons request “any...
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Magnetised fermentation to revolutionise brewing

April 1, 2011

In exciting news for the brewing industry, Perth-based Nail Brewing Australia was yesterday granted a patent for a magnetised fermentation process that could revolutionise the brewing industry. The new magnetised process can reduce fermentation and conditioning time from 14 days down to as little as six hours. The processes’ co-developer, brewer John Stallwood, said...
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