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Media Release Media is dominated by media release these days, media releases that are generally marginally re-written to look like a real news story, given a writers's byline and published to look like independent news. Australian Brews News tries to independently report on news, though our resources do not allow this and we regularly publish releases supplied to us. We publish the media release in its entirety and hopefully this will let our readers be aware when what they are reading elsewhere is unedited spin. We often put our comment on these stories to give them some context in the current beer market, point out contradictory or meaningless content or just discuss the story but publish the media release whole. (Note to PRs, if your beer uses tap water, please don't describe it as coming from the 'purest sources' and if you claim it is set apart by "using only the finest water, barley, hops and yeast its country has to offer" please advise us which of the beers from the brewer's stable do not use the highest quality ingredients, just so we can provide this information to our readers by way of comparison.) Finally, we do not take money for publishing releases. Our pages are open to our few financial supporters, as well as anyone else with a beer-related product of interest to our readers.

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Charlie Bamforth headlining in Adelaide

April 28, 2017

Renowned brewing expert Charles Bamforth will be the keynote at this year’s Australian Craft Brewers Conference.
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Longrain hosts Sailor’s Grave beer

April 28, 2017

Longrain Sydney hosts a dinner pairing its modern Thai with beers from Sailor’s Grave next Wednesday May 3.
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Willie Smith’s releases British-style cider

April 21, 2017

Willie Smith's latest release is an apple cider made solely from British cider apple varieties that have been grown locally in Tasmania.
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Goose Island launched in Australia

April 20, 2017

CUB has launched Goose Island, the first of its new portfolio of beers available since the merger last year of its former parent, SABMiller, with ABInBev...
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BentSpoke takes over the Taphouses

April 18, 2017

Award-winning BentSpoke Brewery is showcasing 20 of their incredible beers at the Local Taphouses in St Kilda and Darlinghurst
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Willie Smith’s launches new Apple Brandy

April 7, 2017

Willie Smith's draws in French inspiration to create new Apple Brandy...
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Bob Hawke announces new beer company, Hawke’s Brewing Co.

April 6, 2017

Former Australian Prime Minister, Bob Hawke, will launch a new Australian beer brand, Hawke’s Brewing Co...
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Craft Cider surges ahead in 2017

April 4, 2017

Cider Australia members were optimistic about the future prospects for cider at the organisation’s 2017 Annual General Meeting held in Melbourne on Monday
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Dave’s Brewery Tours expands into Hunter

April 3, 2017

Dave’s Brewery Tours is set to offer Hunter Valley brewery tours and walking tours in Newcastle.
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University funds brewing efficiency research

March 30, 2017

A research project at Newstead Brewing Co in Queensland will consider new scientific approaches to improve brewing process efficiency and product quality.
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