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Pete Mitcham

Pete Mitcham Pete Mitcham, aka Prof Pilsner, is well known to anyone involved in the craft beer scene in Australia as the Editor In Chief of The Critics’ Choice – Australia’s Best Beers and as a contributor to The Beer Lovers Guide to Australia. He is also the host of beer dinners and tastings through his company, Beer Blokes. He is co-editor of Australian Brews News and, with Editor Matt Kirkegaard hosts Radio Brews News, Australia’s leading beer Podcast series and available through iTunes. To the rest of us, Pete is just a great bloke with a passion for good beer. His writing leans towards the social and cultural aspects of beer and drinking in Australia rather than straight reviews because, as he says, beer is such a subjective thing and taste and perception of flavour is a very personal thing. All the same, he is an unashamed advocate of the Australian craft beer scene who gets great joy from seeing someone genuinely surprised at how much they enjoy a beer that he has suggested. Never one to take himself or his beer too seriously Pete likes nothing more to share with anyone who’ll listen the stories and traditions and myths behind Australia’s favourite beverage.

Web Site: http://beerblokes.blogspot.com/

Teeing up a good beer or two

May 27, 2016
IMG_6036 (800x533)

Good beer was the winner at the first ever Craft Beer Open, a nine-hole golf championship and beer tasting in Melbourne last week.
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More beer for a good cause

May 17, 2016
The collaboration brew underway at Balter Brewing

A crowd of 650 people turned up to raise funds for Motor Neuron Disease by way of a collaborative beer created by Brewmanity and Balter Brewing.
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Beer’s image is our responsibility

April 15, 2016
Pete Mitcham

With alcohol continually copping the blame for many societal problems, all beer industry stakeholders must ensured their beloved beverage is portrayed in the best light possible, writes Pete Mitcham.
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Australian beer is in prime health: Here’s a few reasons why

January 26, 2016
aus day flags

With beer as a barometer for our current health and our future wealth, Australia's future is very bright indeed, argues Pete Mitcham.
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Hottest 100 sparks customary debate: What is craft beer?

January 25, 2016
Pete Mitcham

Debate each January over what constitutes ’craft beer’ is as much of a certainty as the groundswell of people making ideological decisions about the beers they choose to drink.
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Calagione one of beer’s true entertainers

January 5, 2016
IMG_5452 (683x1024) (1)

Few beer industry personalities can inspire and entertain like Dogfish Head founder Sam Calagione, who visited Australia in recent weeks.
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A Summary of Summer Ales. And lagers.

December 21, 2015

Pete Mitcham discovers that consecutive days of 35+ degree heat focusses ones mind on the refreshing properties of beer, not just IBU counts. Here's some of his go-to summer beers...
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Hold fire on social media sniping

December 9, 2015
Pete Mitcham

Social media is a rare privilege that may be put to better use than taking cheap shots at beers or breweries you don't like, suggests Pete Mitcham.
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Self-service taps put to the test

November 11, 2015
The team behind Mooloolaba Taps

Are self-service beer taps anything more than a novelty? Pete Mitcham heads to Taps Mooloolaba on the Sunshine Coast to find out.
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Foraging for a good cause

October 9, 2015

A new cookbook aims to raise funds for a charity called Upside Nepal, set up to create and sustain agricultural enterprise in the country.
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