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Grey market imports

Australian Brews News recommends that Australian beer drinkers respect the wishes of brewers who do not feel that they can export their beers to Australia in good condition at a reasonable price, as well as support importers who maintain strict quality control of their beers even if it makes their beers more expensive.

We will maintain a list of beers that we know to be imported against the brewer’s wishes. Without a direct means of importing them, the freshness and quality of these beers must therefore be dubious at best.

If you genuinely support good quality craft beer from the best brewers in the world you should respect their wishes and boycott beers you know to be imported against the brewers wishes, or parallel imported at risk to their quality.

If you would like to know whether a particular beer is legitimately imported and cannot get an answer from the retailer, please feel free to email us and we will contact the brewer to check.


Breweries not available in Australia

  • Flagstaff Brewing Company (US)
    “Flagstaff Brewing Company (US) is not available in Australia. Thanks for heeding brewers’ concerns.”
  • Stone Brewing (US)
    I would like to respectfully request that you discontinue importing and selling our beers. When we ship beer to other states in the US, or even just across town, we ship only via refrigerated transport. Same for our limited shipments to Japan. The reason that we do not ship to Australia and NZ is that we cannot ensure fresh, properly handled beer at a semi-reasonable price. As such, we also ask that others do not do it either.”


Imports & Authorised Importers

  • Rogue – Innspire Pty Ltd

If you are a brewer or authorised importer and would like your beers added to these lists, contact us.