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Doctor’s Orders joins ExperienceIT

April 29, 2014

Doctor’s Orders Brewing  has joined the ever-growing ExperienceIT list. Watch out for news about Nomad Brewing as well, ExperienceIT’s brewing collective. You can watch the progress of their brewery on NomadCam.

Media Release

The Doc is in the House!

For those of you that haven’t been to the doctor recently or have no idea what I am talking about, then shame on you, it’s about time we changed that!!

It’s with great pleasure that we can finally announce the addition to our range, one of Sydney’s hottest and most exciting brewers that has been on our hit list of partners for some time. Doctors Order’s Brewing will join the Experienceit line up from May and take pride of place as our first Sydney based brewer partner.

The Doctor joins our already established range of the world’s top rated brewers and our growing list of Australian partners including BrewCult and Boatrocker.

Under the guidance of owner and head brewer Darren (Doc) Robinson, we first came across the Doctor a number of years ago in one of our local Manly drinking spots, and it’s always our first stop now on any trip to Manly to try the latest Doc creation.

Never one to disappoint with his new beers and core seasonal’s, never ordinary, Doc pushes his styles to the limits and twists tradition to create a great selection of unique beers that have already developed a solid reputation around the country and even in NZ. To date the east coast has been the main focus with limited deliveries to the rest of the country. From May that coverage will increase as we slowly expand coverage to share Doc’s creations with the rest of the Australian craft loving community.

From May our plan is to further expand coverage in VIC, SA and Qld and then increase that for a more regular supply to Tasmania and WA.

Doc – “It’s been a crazy ride from brewing our first of many commercial collaboration beers in 2009, to establishing our beer company at the end of 2010 before developing a core range of seasonal beers and building our beer brand based entirely on seasonal releases. There’s not a standard pale, lager, amber, or dark to be seen. Each year we’ve doubled in volume and the number of beers produced. 2014 looks like no exception. There comes a time though when we recognise we can’t do it all ourselves and we need the support of other specialists in the industry. For us that is supply chain/distribution and logistics. When looking for a distributor it is about the people and relationships. Johnny, Kerri and their team are a harmonious fit for that. After many discussions it was clear we had common views on branding, marketing, roadmap and strategy. We are as excited as they are about being a part of their awesome portfolio and the exciting journey ahead.”

Johnny – “Doctors beers have been a personal favorite for some time and if I see them on a beer list, then there’s never any question what I would order, Doc’s passion, the styles he creates and the experience you have when drinking his beers all make this brand a perfect fit for our portfolio. Its also a real treat to now be representing a brewer that for a long time we have admired and respected as at the top of the Sydney craft beer movement, with beers we truly love and want to share with the rest of the country

Don’t waste time though when it comes to ordering Doctor’s Orders products as they are in hot demand and expect to see all kegs pre-sell within days of being announced. Ordering will be via our on-line Trade Zone as normal, plus our every expanding sales team will be at your disposal to help with orders and any event activity you wish to run in connection with this and all our other great brands.

To further support our continued expansion, also expect to see more Experienceit sales ambassadors on the streets of each market.

For further enquiries and to place orders please contact one of our local sales representatives

  • National Sales Manager: Linda Taubman – 0421 839 949
  • NSW: Jack – 0408 658 061, Brad Flowers 0404 725 572
  • VIC / S.A.: Joseph – 0456 053 741
  • TAS: Joseph – 0456 053 741, Brad Flowers 0404 725 572
  • Qld: Joey – 0418 770 570
  • W.A.: Rob – 040 773 666

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About Doctor’s Orders

Brewing From humble beginnings producing niche full flavoured ales via commercial collaborations in New South Wales, Doctor’s Orders Brewing is now producing seasonal beers for wider distribution in Australia.

Doctor’s Orders Brewing is all about special thought provoking and inspirational beers released seasonally, with availability across Australia currently on draft only (including growler fills at specialty liquor stores). The ethos is simple, produce beers that are intriguing based on emerging, historical and/or rare styles often with a twist but always with balance that enables you to have more than one.

Our mid seasonal beers are smaller batch brews designed to be much bolder in flavour and style. They are only available at our regular craftier venues and when the keg(s) empty it’s gone.

Doctor’s Orders is affectionately referred to as a cuckoo brewer. The analogy with a cuckoo is that we don’t have our own brewery (cuckoos take over other birds nests to lay their eggs). We take over our mates breweries to personally produce our beers. We also personally develop, market and sell each beer.

Currently we are brewing out of three Sydney breweries; the Australian Brewery (Rouse Hill), Rocks Brewing (Alexandria) and Young Henry’s (Newtown). And in 2014 they go National …


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