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4 Pines wins Rocks bet.

May 5, 2014

We’re not sure what to make of this…so we publish unedited and block visions of tutus dancing in our head. [Ed]

Media Release

4 Pines wins Rocks Brewing bet.

In an Australian beer rivalry for the ages, 4 Pines Brewing Company and Rocks Brewing Co have once again gone toe to toe, this time over the fundamental issue of the brewery engine room, more specifically the Rocks brewhouse and its designated completion date.

In what will go down as Australian brewing folklore, Rocks Chairman and Managing Director Mark ‘tutu’ Fethers set himself the monolithic challenge at 4 Pines Fifth birthday (June 2013) of completing the new Rocks brewhouse and rolling out the first brew by November 2013. A bet was placed with ‘conviction’ with Jaron Mitchell of 4 Pines, the aim being not only to set what would undoubtedly be a new fit out world record, but also an opportunity to secure the street cred and added swagger of one upping every brewing company, ever, in the history of Australia.


After a generous extension by Mitchell to Christmas 2013, Fethers was left plucked when the brewery remained eerily quiet and no beer was to be seen. After a number of early attempts to visit the completed brewery in late 2013, Mitchell has given up, whilst not up to speed with current completion details, the assumption is that expected completion date now sits sometime in the year 2030. Mitchell plans to wear a silver one piece jumpsuit to the opening.


There has been some debate over the exact details of the bet, we do know that the loser was to serve the winners beer resplendent in the rival’s branded merchandise however exact details of attire remain a point of contention. Some say the agreement was to dress as “the Indian out of the Village People” however it appears that Mr. Fethers has chosen a tutu as he has many available in his wardrobe and has freely admitted on several occasions to “enjoy the feeling of a tutu against his hulking body”.


Tim Fishwick of Rocks Brewing Co was not available for comment. We did visit the Rocks Brewing Co headquarters for a statement but poor Tim appeared catatonic, only able to mumble something about “so much pink” and “not the junk, not the junk”.


If you feel you are made of sturdier stuff than Fishwick please feel free to head down to the official ‘humiliation celebration’ and check out The Rocks Chairman and Managing Directors form, there’s bound to be plenty of Rocks and 4 Pines crew on hand. It all happens Monday May 12th at the ironically named Little Guy in Glebe.


Please contact Steph Collins at Rocks for images of Mark in a tutu. It will change your life.


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