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‘The fifth ingredient is you’ homebrew competition

May 14, 2014

Media Release

ANHC  – “The fifth ingredient is you” Homebrew Competition

ANHC-Four-logo.pngThe 2014 Australian National Homebrewing Conference Homebrew Competition is now open and accepting entries.

This year’s conference theme is centred on the four core ingredients: Water, Malt, Hops and Yeast. But what’s the fifth ingredient? The fifth ingredient is YOU.

Send us your best alternative beer and you could win conference tickets while your beer could be served up in front of the keenest amateur and professional brewers from around the country and around the world.

The fine print:

  • Base the beer in a BJCP style. We need a baseline from which to judge your beer. Beers will be judged as specialties, and with a weighting towards the impact of the magic fifth ingredient, rather than the BJCP guidelines.
  • Be prepared to tell a story about the beer – what does this special ingredient mean to you? Why is this beer the next level for homebrewing? How much does your better half love beer since you added *insert outlandish ingredient here*?
  • Your entries must be received in Canberra by midday, Saturday June 14, 2014. If you’re posting from interstate, this means it needs to arrive by Friday June 13. Why not get together with your club and send a group package?

What’s in it for the winner:

  • We’ll feature your story on the ANHC blog
  • You’ll be funded to rebrew the beer
  • You’re beer will feature in a breakout session at the conference; and
  • You’ll receive a ticket to the both days of the conference and the club night!

Details on the competition and how to enter are available from anhc.com.au.

About the ANHC. The ANHC is Australia’s premier homebrewing event. Run every two years, the ANHC’s objectives are:

  • Share brewing knowledge and experience
  • Provide inspiration, ideas and motivation for brewers
  • Improve the quality of Australian homebrewed beer
  • Build relationships within the Australian homebrewing and brewing community.

ANHC 2014 will be held in Canberra 17-18 October 2014.


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