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Winter is coming, so is Stone Beer 2014

May 8, 2014

Watch for James Davidson’s account of the 2014 Stone brew day soon.

Media Release

2014 Stone Beer Release

STONE_BEER_2014_smallCompared to Stone Brew Day’s balmy clear night in March, where the faces of friends and locals glowed orange from the heat of the fire, there’s now a chill in the air. The transition into the darker Wintery months has begun, signaling it’s time for our 2014 Stone Beer to emerge from our tanks.

The colder months have marked a special time in our Stone & Wood calendar over the past six years and the release of the 2014 brew is no different. This beer’s release is something we look forward to, from the heating of the stones during the brewing to its release at Festival of the Stone (this year on 10 May at the brewery), it’s an excuse to bring the community together and celebrate the traditions of brewing.

Darker than previous years, the brewers have made a few tweaks to set this year’s beer apart from its predecessors.

The 2014 release has dark chocolate and coffee characters upfront, followed by caramelised malt sweetness, balanced by a spicy kick of hops. Brewed with chocolate wheat, golden malted oats and Aussie hops Helga and Sylva, this big bold ale has a rich full palate and a smooth finish.

The listing of venues and bottleshops will go up on the Stone & Wood website by Friday 9 May – www.stoneandwood.com.au/beerfinder

Stone & Wood Stone Beer – 2014

Aroma: caramelised malt sweetness and spicy hops
Palate: dark chocolate and coffee
Finish: firm and smooth


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One Response to Winter is coming, so is Stone Beer 2014

  1. Mitch on May 8, 2014 at 10:37 am

    I thought it was pretty dark and heavy last year, seems like its evolved from a red/browny ale into a stout

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