Alfa Laval

Alfa Laval can help you on your unique craft brewing journey. Our proven craft brewing equipment and systems are designed and manufactured for independent brewers to improve quality, optimise production and reduce cost and environmental impact.

Founded and headquartered in Sweden, Alfa Laval is committed to optimising processes and creating responsible growth. Our leading product and service portfolio builds on 130+ years’ growth and innovation, as well as 90+ years’ Sales and Service presence in Australia.

Alfa Laval does not only make high performance Brew centrifuges (high speed separators), but offers range of specific process solutions for beer production including beer flash pasteurisers, in-line carbonation, dry hopping, de-alcoholisation, deaerated water, Cleaning in Place (CIP) as well as yeast management and propagation modules.

This is complemented by Alfa Laval’s leading range of hygienic fluid handling products (i.e. tank cleaning, pumps and valves). Furthermore, hygienic heat exchangers allow you to recover and re-use heat from processes to reduce your carbon footprint and save money on energy.

Alfa Laval Foodec decanter is used for several applications including wort recovery and several dewatering applications including beer recovery, Kieselguhr dewatering, spent yeast dewatering and waste water (sludge) dewatering.

Alfa Laval is committed to not only accelerating success for their customers, but also for people and our planet. Making the world better, every day. It’s all about Advancing better™.