Bostik Australia

Bostik is among the four top adhesives and sealants producers in the world. Bostik employs over 5,000 workers in 50 countries and five continents.

Bostik has a well-recognised name in industrial markets. Divisions such as: Industrial, Kizen Hot-melts, Distribution, and High-performance polymers.

Bostik ‘Kizen Force 2’ ®

Next generation Hot Melt adhesive for case & carton sealing.

Efficiencies: High Performance Bonds, Fast Set Speeds- 4X Faster Line Speeds!
Reduced Consumption-Weight Reduction of 10-20%,
Clog Resistant, less fumes, less odor
Precise Dispensing/Drops- Clean Cut Adhesive, Reliable Closing,
Recycled or printed substrates? Not a problem!

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Servicing: Australia, New Zealand