Bespoke Brewing Solutions

Bespoke Brewing Solutions are your brewhouse designers, consultants, manufacturers and installers. Whether you’re an experienced brewer or new to the industry, we make it easy to bring your craft beer dreams to life!

We design equipment that’s efficient, easy to run and most importantly – helps you brew great products. We can source the best equipment for any size craft brewery, from milling the malt to filling your kegs.

We can provide an end to end solution – from design, layout and drawings (we love to doodle!) to manufacturing and installation. If needed we can even help with training and beer recipes too.

The Bespoke Brewing Solutions team have 6 years of solid team work together and 10+ years of experience of manufacturing brewing equipment. That means we’ve sourced equipment and designed brewhouse configurations for a plethora of brewery configurations you can imagine.

If you’re new to the industry, new to a particular style of brewing or just want a hand with the equipment sourcing and installation process, we can help. We’ve consulted to craft breweries around the world and are always looking to expand our knowledge and continuously improve.

We love to share stories. If you’re a home brewer, looking to take things to the next level – we’re here to help. If you’re an experienced brewer, we speak your language. Whatever your craft beer project – anywhere in the world – we can bring it to life.

For New Zealand enquiries please contact: Alex Biedermann at [email protected].

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Servicing: Australia, New Zealand