Hypro Group

No matter whether you are brewing in your garage and want to break out, or you are thinking of challenging ‘Big Beer’, Hypro can supply a brewery from 25 litres to 300hL cold wort brew length to bring your ideas and aspirations to reality.

Headquartered in Pune, India, Hypro has been designing and manufacturing breweries and hygienic liquids processing equipment for 22 years. As an innovative solution provider of breweries, CO2 recovery, water deoxygenation and energy saving equipment technologies to the USA, EU, Africa, and Asia, Hypro has teamed up with FNB Technical Pty. Ltd. to bring Hypro technology-driven products to Australia, New Zealand, and the South Pacific.

From grist bins to bright beer tanks, from single plant items to complete greenfield breweries, from manual control to fully automated Scada systems using Hypro developed Brew iT software, Hypro can provide fully customised solutions to clients.

Not only do Hypro make the usual brewery equipment, like brewhouses, fermenters, CIP plants, yeast rooms and blending stations, they also make a range of energy saving utilities. Craft brewers now have access to CO2 recovery systems, deaerated water plants, and the Smart Wort Cooling System, that give the same performance as would be found in an international brewery but in a size to fit their plant and their budget.

Since inception in 1999 Hypro’s founder and MD, Mr Ravi Varma, has focused design effort to reduce energy usage and carbon footprint across the brewery, and to make the technology available to all brewers.

Hypro – 22 years of being awesome


Servicing: Australia, New Zealand, South Pacific