Liquid Connections: The perfect connection every time

Brewing and dispensing great beer takes thorough planning from start to finish. The tubing, hose, fittings and clamps you choose can make the difference.

Liquid Connections specialise in technical tubing, premium push fits, barbed connectors, and clamps for the beverage industry in Australia and New Zealand. We partner with world leaders including DM Fit and BrewSavor to make sure you get the highest quality fluid transfer products required for all applications.

Technical tubing
There are many options when it comes to tubing and hoses for beverage and gas transfer. The right choice depends on temperature, pressure, flexibility required, the type of transfer liquid and other factors. Our tubing is 100% produced in USA by Brewsavor. All reinforced and unreinforced styles are NSF listed, free of BPA and phthalates and conform to the most stringent FDA standards.

Hot Processes – Tubing to withstand all hot water and liquor transfer requirements. We have you covered for every high temperature application up to 350°F.

Cold Processes – Tubing for transfer of cold liquor into conditioning vessels and tanks and precious finished product into packaging vessels. And, we have a range of tubing for gas transfer and dispensing from tanks and kegs.

Please download the Brewsavor catalogue.

Connectors and fittings
DM Fit Push Fit connectors have been produced in South Korea since 1987 and we are proud to represent DM Fit in Australia and New Zealand. These fittings are reliable, cost effective and simple to use and we stock the full range for various beverage and gas transfer and dispensing applications.

Please download the DM Fit catalogue.

We also carry a comprehensive range of barbed connectors, O-clamps, couplers, shut off valves, mesh strainers and much more.

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Servicing: Australia, New Zealand