O’Brien Boiler Services

O’Brien Boiler Services is Australia’s largest boiler company and as an energy efficient steam provider offer a range of versatile, efficient, modular, and conventional boilers delivering improved performance and fuel efficiency whilst maintaining a low environmental impact.

A boiler (steam or hot water) is one of the most important investments and an indispensable tool in breweries and in the brewing process. We aim to provide you a solution that produces steam as efficiently as possible to lower your overall fuel costs and cost per keg of product produced.

Brewery boilers also require regular and proper maintenance to remain both compliant and in peak operating efficiency as a failure or breakdown is costly and can bring your operation to a standstill. Avoid this scenario by scheduling regular boiler maintenance.

As an RTO we also offer essential unattended boiler training that keeps everyone safe.

Always remember O’Brien is your partner in steam!