Precision Fermentation

Precision Fermentation is the creator of BrewMonitor, the world’s first comprehensive, real-time fermentation monitoring system. Together, the system’s sensor-array device and web-based software work with your existing tanks to deliver live fermentation data to your laptop or mobile device – anytime, anywhere. The system offers deep fermentation process visibility and control that replaces trial-and-error measurements and enables excellent product and business outcomes.

Tracking Dissolved Oxygen, Gravity, PH, Temperature, Conductivity and Pressure in real-time, BrewMonitor provides approximately 140,000 data points over the course of a standard 5- day fermentation, accessible through easy-to-use dashboards and graphs.

The system also allows you to use any fermentation as a benchmark for all future batches of that style, eliminating guesswork and helping improve consistency. And, BrewMonitor will automatically alert you via text or email should any of the measured variables track outside of your approved range.

Real-time fermentation monitoring allows you to quickly assess yeast vitality, prevent problems, and monitor cellar-related inconsistencies, while providing greater process control for a more profitable enterprise. Here’s what our customers are saying:

“No more Saturday and Sunday gravity readings! BrewMonitor really has saved me a ton of time. Now it’s pretty rare that I run to the brewery on a Saturday or Sunday at all, so that’s my favourite thing.” – Denver Smyth, Owner/Head Brewer, Western Red Brewing

“Detecting problems earlier with BrewMonitor can save us up to a couple of days in tank time.
And this is really important to us because every day and hour matters.” – Rob Qualls, Head Brewer, City Built Brewing

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Servicing: Australia, New Zealand