Rockstar Brewer

Quality. Consistency. Efficiency. Rockstar Brewer gives you the tools you need to succeed so you can grow your craft brewing business in this ever-increasingly competitive market.

Here’s some ways we can help you:

Coaching & Consulting – Whether you’re a startup brewery or looking to take your brand into the next stage of growth, we can offer personalised coaching and consulting services that will put you on the path to continuous improvement.

SmartSensory – Your brewery’s sensory program.  With some much information available online to help you start your brewery sensory program; where do you event start?  SmartSensory is a step-by-step program that gives you the guidance and ongoing support to start and maintain your brewery’s sensory program to achieve consistent product that consumers trust.

Mastermind Online Coaching – Led by leading industry professional, Steve ‘Hendo’ Henderson, the Rockstar Brewer Mastermind is an online coaching program made up of Online Courses, a Private Community and monthly Live Streams that will take your brewery operations to the next level.

Beer30 Brewery Management System – Ditch the spreadsheets and whiteboards and manage your brewery operation with our grain-to-glass cloud based software solution.  Featuring, production scheduling, procurement, brewhouse & cellar management, barrel ageing and more, Beer30 will free you up to focus on growing your brewing business.  The latest version includes Xero integration and the 2-click Excise Return saving you even more time.

Outsourced Lab Services – If you lack the capital, skills or time to start and run your brewery’s Quality Lab, let us be your “virtual lab”.  We can offer you water, wort and beer analysis using the latest chemical and microbiological analysis technology you need so you can get back to brewing awesome beer.