Ryefield Hops

Ryefield Hops is a family partnership based in Bemboka, NSW. The farm on which the hops are being grown is a 3rd generation dairy farm that in the past was a key supplier of milk to the local cheese factory – Bega Cheese.  Growing hops was seen as a way to revitalise and diversify the farm as it was no longer operating as a dairy farm for a variety of reasons.

2016 -2017 was the first growing season for Ryefield Hops and we have expanded every season since with a significant expansion undertaken this season to construct an additional 10 acres of hop yard and a mechanical processing facility. Prior to this season (2020) we had 2 acres under crop with all harvests being done manually, hand harvesting. This expansion will see Ryefield Hops be able to grow into a fully operational commercial hops supplier and the third largest hops farm in Australia.

The farm has sustainability at its core and grows hops using organic practices and regenerative agriculture principles.  We implement farming methods to promote and build healthy soils, biodiversity, natural predators and enhanced water quality and retention. We have also designed our new bespoke processing facility with sustainability elements to reduce power input and material use.

Ryefield Hop’s philosophy is “garden to glass” fostering regionality, terrior and beers made where the consumer can taste the story and know where the ingredients were grown.