Supagas is a leading supplier of food, industrial, medical, specialty, helium and LPG gases in Australia. We are a fast-growing nation-wide company and are rapidly building a reputation for growth and success based on an exceptional ‘YES WE CAN’ customer service offering and quality product in the highly competitive market.

Today, Supagas has multiple distribution centres, branches and agencies growing nation-wide and can provide a fast and reliable delivery along with personal responses to queries, ensuring quality service every time.

Supagas’ state-of-the-art facilities allows us to offer carbon dioxide, mixed gases and many other pure gas products, as well as run specialised laboratories to mix and test specialty gas. This helps us understand our customers’ needs and to better service requirements.

Our competitive advantage is based on reliable delivery, fast and personal responses to queries, and outstanding customer service.


Servicing: Bulk CO2: QLD, NSW, VIC and SA
Other Gases: Australia