Synergy Custom Solutions Pty Ltd

Breweries, Distilleries & Production Lines designed and customised to suit your specific needs. It’s time to take those dreams out of your imagination and into reality. Dreamers need doers. You dream, we do!

Synergy Custom Solutions services Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific, supplying everything you need for your brewery, brew-pub, distillery or production line. Our offerings include:

  • Brewing and distilling equipment
  • Production line & packaging equipment
  • Beer dispensing systems
  • Cold rooms
  • Brewery & Distillery installation & commissioning
  • Glycol hydronics installation
  • Specialised gas installations
  • CO2 systems design and installation
  • Fabrication
  • Factory-to-premises shipping & delivery management

Whether you’re a start-up, expanding your operation, or simply changing your approach to your brewing business, Synergy is here to help you achieve those goals. If you need to finance your investment, we can help with that too!

On the business side, we have the capability to provide guidance and support to new and growing businesses – such as:

  • Business plan
  • Equipment configuration
  • Trades coordination
  • Contingency for expansion
  • Recipe formulation
  • Standard operating procedures

We take the pain out of researching manufacturers, sourcing equipment and door to door delivery. Our trusted local and overseas manufacturers are the best professional providers for superior quality products and service.

Add personalised service to the mix, and the result happy customers. You name it, we will do our very best to supply it! You will soon know if we can’t help you – because we’ll tell you. Simple as that.

Synergy Custom Solutions – Helping Ordinary people Create Extraordinary Beverages.


Servicing: Australia, New Zealand, South Pacific