Vertek LAB, Animated Tap Decals

Looped Animated Branding, these HD digital tap decals are a new opportunity to convey your brand story in a dynamic and uniquely different way, right where your customers are making their purchase decision. We specialise in motion design and storytelling, LAB decals are about bringing your brand to life wherever you are pouring.

With a traditional round design, the LAB decal delivers high impact brand recognition and engagement with little to no disruption to venues or bar staff. There is no charging required with our custom concealing cords, meaning easy install and no altering fonts. The LAB decal is simply plug and play! Working with our production studio your LAB decal will arrive pre-loaded with everything you need included in the box.

Update content on tap in minutes via Micro USB connection. Save time, money and waste on printed decals, stand up and stand out on tap with LAB tap decals.


Servicing: Australia, New Zealand