20h 2 Vessel Electric Brewhouse

20h 2 vessel electric brewhouse for sale including:

  • 20h Mash/Lauter Tun
  • 20h Kettle/whirlpool
  • 20h Jacketed FV (with more available if needed)
  • 40h jacket FV
  • Brewing platform
  • Control Board
  • 40h Jacketed Cold Liquor Tank with pump
  • 40h reclamation tank with the option to upgrade to HLT
  • 10m3 duel stage heat exchanger (option to use both water and glycol)
  • 100L 2 tank CIP unit with pump
  • Single head semi-automatic keg washer

Please contact Chris between 7AM and 3PM Monday to Friday for the best response.

For Sale: Negotiable

Location: Gold Coast

Contact name: Ed