Contract brewing at Big Shed

Big Shed Brewing have been offering contract brewing services at Royal Park since 2013. We have always been about helping other brands enter the market as the services did not exist in SA when we started.

– We have a 4-vessel steam-heated 35hL brewhouse
– Fermenter capability of 24hl, 40hl and 80hl
– Both in house and external lab testing options available
– Sediment and Lentic filtration options
– Cask 6 Head canning line offering 330ml, 375 and 500ml options complete with labelling and 4 or 6 pack applicators
– Dual head automatic A-type keg washer with steam cycle for 20, 30 and 50L kegs
– Dual head keg filter for A-type 20L, 30L and 50L kegs
– We offer raw material & packaging sourcing, so you don’t have to create your own accounts with multiple suppliers
– In house NPD and recipe scaling
– We also offer via our sister business Unit 8 Cold Stores a 320-pallet space bonded cold store and 3PL located in a convenient adjacent warehouse onsite
– Our central location offers easy access to all road, rail national and international sea freight via Outer Harbor
– Other consulting as required to make the process as easy as possible to take you from concept to reality.

Contact Jason Harris on [email protected] to get more information.

For Sale: Contract brewing services

Location: Adelaide, SA

Contact name: Jason Harris