Multi Packer – Glued Bottle Wraps, or Baskets 4-packs & 6-packs


Condition: Used
Year: 2019


The Recopak Multipacker is a combination Basket Packer and Neck through Wrap Packer for Bottles – with Hot Melt glued base, you have flexibility to source card wraps from any supplier. Also can be used for applying Clips to cans.

This semi automatic machine is capable of handling both baskets and wraps with speeds of up to 30 packs per minute.

Straight through operation for loose product is at the touch of a button.
NO external bypass conveyors are necessary.

The Straight through operation can also be used to allow Packtek clips to be applied to cans – the grouper provides clusters of 4 or 6-cans for the operator to apply clips and the cluster then passes straight through the wrapper for cartoning.


For Sale: $125,000

Location: Woodend, VIC

Contact name: Paul Holgate