New Brewtique 10HL Signature Series 2-Vessel Brewhouse


10HL Signature Series 2 Vessel Brewhouse featuring;

  • 10HL Lauter Tun, Mash/Kettle/Whirlpool Tun
  • 20HL HLT, 10M2 Heat Exchanger, Wort Aeration Device
  • 20L Yeast Feeder
  • 5 Ltr Balance tank, IFM flow meter
  • Siemens PLC
  • 3x 20HL Fermentation Tanks
  • 3x 10HL Fermentation Tanks
  • 1x 20HL Bright Tank
  • CA-5L Coolsoon Glycol Water Chiller with 10HL water tank

Ancillary items- include;

  • Mill with Flexible Auger
  • 900L Grist
  • 200Ltr Portable CIP cart-
  • 2 station Semi Auto Keg Washer

Finance option available.


New Lab Equipment-

  • Haffmans GMT Analogue Gehaltemeter,
  • Hach 30Q PH Meter Kit
  • Anton Paar DMA35 Digital Gravity Meter

Asking price: $10,000 + GST

Used Kettle-

  • 2x 50Ltr Spark Brew Kettles with element (2016)

Asking price: $300 each + GST

For Sale: Price on request

Location: Brisbane

Contact name: Simon